What You Will Do

You will travel to Atlanta Georgia where Egypt Sherrod and her team will escort you as part of a group tour, on a full 8-hour day of active site visits. You will meet inspectors, vontractors, and other flippers; as Egypt combs through the properties top to bottom to show you what she looks for and what she avoids. House flipping is together than many think.But the rewards for success can be immense if you have the right information and attitude, then the financial and lifestyle rewards of flipping can be enormous. When you get it right, house flipping is fun and hungely rewarding. You will even be helping to improve the neighborhoods that you work in!

What You Will Learn

You will learn first hand how to find the hidden value in properties. There are billions of dollars exchanging hands in real estate every day. And that number is only going to continue to grow. But here’s the secret...to get a piece of that action, you have to know what you are doing...At this Bootcamp you will learn how to increase the profit margin in your flips by maximizing on design and square footage, without breaking the bank. You will understand which properties to run very far away from by learning Egypt’s non-qualifiers. Egypt will share her expertise, experience and systems with you so that your risk is minimized, and your upside profits increased exponentially. You will learn techniques on dealing successfully with contractors and inspectors. YOU WILL SKYROCKET YOUR REAL ESTATE EARNINGS steadily and systematically, without wasting time at misleading real estate workshops or blowing money on over priced and over hype expensive real estate courses. Get in the field and learn from the best! Egypt will be on-site to answer any and all questions.

What It Includes

Your boot-camp trip includes the onsite intensive training, lunch and Shuttle Service for the tour day.



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